A trusted partner in payments delivery.

Cost-effective banking payment solutions

Financial institutions are under constant pressure to lower the cost of service delivery – while also maintaining and enhancing customer satisfaction levels.

At Indue, we can help your business to achieve both, with flexible payment solutions that are fully compliant and customised to your needs.

Developing payment systems in-house requires significant upfront investment, as well as ongoing maintenance costs. By choosing Indue as your payments partner, you can lower the cost of implementing and maintaining the payments technology your customers demand – by leveraging our investment, experience, technology and expertise.

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Flexible solutions

We have a range of payment solutions that can be tailored based on your needs.

New Payments Platform Fast and Easy Payments


Achieve fast and easy payments with Indue’s NPP solution – with real-time payments, anytime, anywhere.
Nucleus Card Platform Banking Solutions


Enjoy flexible and secure credit, debit and prepaid card solutions that can be tailored to your business goals.
Mobile Payments Solutions at Indue


Give your customers the ability to pay through their mobile phones or devices – enhancing convenience and customer experience.
Orion Financial Crimes Services Banking Solutions


Help protect your customers and business from financial crimes, with automated and artifical intelligence-enabled multi-channel fraud and Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing protection.
Indue Clearing and Settlement Services Solutions


As an Authorised Deposit-Taking Institution (ADI) with all the relevant financial services licences, Indue can also clear and settle funds, allowing you to deal with a single integrated payments partner.
Indue Custom Solutions


Talk to us about creating a custom solution for your organisation. Indue are passionate about payments and helping you achieve your payment goals.

A reliable and trusted partner

As a bank, Indue holds all the relevant financial licences required to ensure fully compliant and secure payment solutions – across a broad range of payment products.

Our technology is industry proven, and delivers high levels of reliability and security. We have been the trusted partner for many of Australia’s leading credit unions, mutuals plus emerging markets for over 50 years, making us the vendor of choice for many.

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