Mortgage Originators

Give your customers the card services they expect – and gain a competitive edge.

When you’re competing with the big banks, you need to be able to offer like-for-like benefits to attract and keep your mortgage customers.

This means giving them access to the flexibility and convenience of an offset-style debit card, so they can transact with their excess funds – while minimising interest payments.

Mortgage Originators give your customers the card services they expect

Create a level playing field

At Indue, we can help you provide a convenient and cost-effective card overlay technology, to support your mortgage offering in a seamless way.

In addition, we have the financial services licences required to issue cards, with the added protection to you and your customers of being a bank. Indue is also a member of the major card schemes, so you can interact and offer cards for these schemes(including eftpos and Visa). Because we’re the payments experts, we have the experience and knowledge to ensure your card solution is at the forefront of payments technology.

Cutting-edge card solutions

The Australian payments landscape is complex and highly regulated. So to create a fully-featured, secure and reliable card solution for your business, you need an expert on your side. With many years’ experience in creating tailored payment solutions for our clients, Indue is a partner you can trust to get it right.

We can also help advise you on the future of payments, enabling  you to offer your customers the very latest payments technology available – like mobile payments and the New Payments Platform (NPP) – while protecting them and your business from financial crime and fraud.

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Create branded debit cards that enable your customers to transact from their mortgage account – with seamless integration to your loans system.


Enjoy program manager capability through our Nucleus platform, to administer and maintain your customer’s cards.


Help protect your customers and business from financial crimes, with automated and artificial intelligence-enabled fraud and Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing solutions.


As one of the founding members of Australia’s NPP, we can give your customers access to real-time disbursements and transactions – and easy PayID payments.


Gain a competitive edge with the latest in payments technology – so your customers can transact using their wearable devices and mobile phones.

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