Retail payment solutions to drive loyalty and grow revenue.

Indue Retailers Payment Solutions

Branded solutions that keep customers coming back

If you’re looking to build or enhance your gift card program, Indue can help.

With years of experience in providing branded card solutions for our clients, we can create the right one for you. At the same time, we’ll work with you to create a program that complies with the technical requirements and regulations of Australia’s robust payments landscape.

Scalable and flexible solutions

Whether you’re a mid-size retailer or a major chain, our programs can be designed to match the scale of your business – and grow with you.

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Choose from a range of flexible prepaid card solutions, from gift cards through to reloadable cards. Then manage your solution easily with Nucleus – our sophisticated program management software.

Indue Fintech Gift Cards


Use single load cards as gifts, prizes or loyalty drivers, branded with your company’s look and feel.
Indue Fintechs Reloadable Cards


Create loyalty and rewards cards that can be reloaded by your customers and staff to be used in store – and even linked to your rewards points program.
Indue Fintechs Program Management


Enjoy program manager capability through our Nucleus platform, to administer and maintain your program’s cards.

Fraud monitoring to minimise loss

Some card programs can be at a greater risk of fraud and loss than others – and at Indue, we have the experience to help you understand and mitigate these risks, which is why we can also offer a fraud solution.

Our Orion Financial Crimes Services can monitor transactions on your program’s cards. It uses artificial intelligence – and our Orion team of experts – to identify and manage suspect activity. So you can have the confidence that you can deliver the benefits you want to your customers, while minimising the risks to your business.

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