Our People

Intelligent Solutions Start With Innovative People

We started as a small provider of back-office services to credit unions and over time we have stepped up to become a market leader who is challenging and changing what’s possible in payments. Today we deliver complex, end-to-end and leading edge solutions across a diverse range of financial markets. We have a workforce of around 140 people across two states in Australia with diverse backgrounds and complementary capabilities.

Our people know teamwork is critical: from developing our thinking, to creating and delivering fully integrated solutions that meet our clients’ needs now – and in the future. So together, we’re committed to providing our clients with quality service that’s unrivalled in our industry.

Our story reveals an amazing journey of transformation and fuels our attitude that anything is possible. This is reflected in the vision for our people which is to reveal and realise what is possible, for them and for us together. We believe that each of us has enormous potential and possibilities; we create the environment that unlocks everyone’s potential.

Collaborative and Client-Centred

The Indue team stands out for our ability to work together to create strong and mutually beneficial client relationships.

Each of our clients is important to us. So we take time to thoroughly research their business and industry, to ensure the solution we provide builds long-term value for their business.

We also know that security and compliance are non-negotiable – and central to any payments solution. So, we help educate our clients on the regulatory landscape, and help them navigate any technical or compliance issues that arise.

Our People at Indue An Intelligent and Inquisitive Approach
Indue Our People Intelligent Solutions start with innovative people

An intelligent and inquisitive approach

The digital payments landscape is constantly evolving. That’s why our team of experts is always looking for smarter ways to provide faster, safer, easier and more flexible solutions.

We take an intelligent and inquisitive approach to everything we do – so we can remain at the forefront of digital payments technology, while responding to our clients’ changing needs.

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