Our Leadership

Creating strong connection between our people and purpose.

A Balanced Approach

As a bank, strong leadership, supported by robust policies, processes, governance and risk management tools, is critical.

However, we understand that for creativity to thrive, wherever possible our leadership style and policies should guide rather than dictate decision-making. We ensure that all our corporate policies serve their purpose, and that we create clear boundaries that our people can operate freely within.

Our leaders also play a critical role in creating constant connections between people and purpose, and reinforcing these through the way that they lead and reward their teams. Consistent with our core leadership principles, a priority for all of our people leaders is ensuring that every person has clarity in their role, and knows how the individual and team contribution aligns with the organisation‘s goals.

Keeping it Simple

We believe that the best way to maintain an efficient and productive workplace is through simplicity. We focus on continually simplifying our core work processes and reducing the number of systems we work across.

The Whole-Person Paradigm

While teamwork is at the core of everything we do, we believe that it’s our responsibility to unlock the potential that exists in all our people. Our leadership philosophy is based firmly on the four principles of FranklinCovey whole-person paradigm, which are to:

  1. Inspire Trust
  2. Clarify Purpose
  3. Unleash Talent
  4. Align Systems

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