Mobile Payments – The choice of a new generation

Give your customers more ways to pay with mobile payments.

Today’s customers expect convenient and seamless payments. Indue can help you deliver, with our secure mobile payments solution.

With Indue, your customers can easily transact using Apple Pay and Google Pay, straight from a digital wallet on their smart phone or wearable device.

Stay relevant with mobile payments

Indue’s integrated, on-behalf-of service makes it easy to implement mobile payments in your business, without major changes to your core banking platform or operations. So you can offer your customers a contemporary customer experience that keeps you relevant in a competitive market – with less time and cost than an in-house solution.

Adding a mobile payments offering will help you keep up with your customers, whose embrace of technology is redefining the customer experience.

Indue will continue to boost the value and convenience of our digital payment solutions, by allowing our clients to issue virtual gift cards, integrate into the EFTPOS Token Service Provider, and much more.

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How digital payments work

Mobile payments use Australia’s strong contactless payment infrastructure and near-field communication (NFC) to enable transactions between your customer’s device and a payments terminal.

Customers load their credit or debit cards into an app – or mobile wallet – on their device, verifying their identity with a PIN or fingerprint or iris scan – ensuring each transaction is secure.

Indue mobile payments – an end-to-end solution

Indue mobile payments


We configure your cards so they can be enrolled in the OEM Mobile Wallet – the app that allows users to add their cards to their phone’s digital wallet.
Indue mobile payments provisioning


We handle the provisioning request for the OEM Mobile Wallet, providing user authentication and managing notifications on your behalf.
llifecycle management


We manage the automatic token life cycle for your digital payment solution, including ongoing maintenance for lost phones and replacement cards.
Indue mobile payments fraud monitoring


We provide sophisticated support for mobile payment solutions through our Orion Financial Crimes solution which keeps on top of digital wallet fraud trends.
Indue chargebacks


We manage digital payment disputes and chargebacks on your behalf, based on your current operational processes – and in line with card Scheme requirements.
mobile payments reporting


We provide detailed data feeds of digital payments and transactions, so you can keep track of all your mobile payment activity.

Convenient and secure digital payments

At Indue, we monitor every digital payment through our industry-leading fraud-prevention system, Orion, ensuring 24/7 protection against cybercrime.

Using new technologies, like machine learning and artificial intelligence, we provide ultimate around-the-clock mobile payment security.

We also embed an additional layer of protection by using digital security technology called tokenisation. This works by replacing customers’ sensitive credit or debit card account numbers with a unique digital identifier or ’token’ during the payment process.

The token is used together with a one-time, unique and dynamic security code for every transaction. This gives your clients peace of mind, knowing they can make a mobile payment to you anywhere – safely and securely.

Are Indue mobile payments right for you?

Indue has more than 50 years’ experience in providing payments to Australian businesses.

We use that experience to provide innovative, secure and convenient payment technologies that enhance the capability of your business – and give your customers better ways to pay. And there’s more to come.  Indue plans to develop more key mobile payments initiatives that will bolster the value and convenience of this digital technology for our clients.

To find out more about the Indue story , or if you would like to see how Indue mobile payments solutions can benefit your business, contact us today:

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