Mobile Payments – The choice of a new generation

Give your customers more ways to pay with mobile payments.

Mobile payment options for a new generation

The physical wallet continues to lose appeal, as customers demand more convenient and seamless ways to make payments. But by offering them the convenience of mobile and digital wallets, you can ensure your business stays relevant in today’s world.

With the help of Indue, your customers can make fast, secure payments to you anywhere, anytime from a mobile device or wearable.

Why Mobile Payments?

By offering a mobile payments solution, your organisation can:

• stay relevant in the market
• have a compelling point of difference
• offer your customers a simple and safe payment solution
• deliver a seamless customer experience.

Your customers can use our mobile and digital solutions to register for ‘The Pays’ such as Google Pay or Apple Pay – giving them access to a digital wallet whenever they choose.

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Stay relevant through digital payment innovation

One of the key benefits of participating in ‘the Pays’ is maintaining relevance in the marketplace. At Indue, we offer a mobile payment solution as a cost-competitive price. This means you can compete with the bigger banks, participate in the mobile payments arena – and keep up with the changing payments marketplace.

Get there quicker with Indue

Indue’s mobile payments solution provides a compelling ‘on-behalf-of’ service which lets you deliver a solution without needing to make major changes to your core banking platform or internal operational processes.

Indue can significantly reduce the cost and time-to-market for card issuers, compared with an in-house solution – with our simple, end-to-end solution.

Enjoy a simple and safe mobile payments solution

At Indue, we approach mobile payments in the same that we approach any card transaction. We run all transactions through our fraud system, Orion. This allows us to monitor transactions 24×7 using cutting edge technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

We also embed an additional layer of protection in mobile payments by applying an effective digital security technology called tokenisation. This works by replacing the sensitive credit or debit card account number with a unique digital identifier or ’token’.

The token allows payments to be processed without exposing actual card account details. It is used alongside a one-time, unique and dynamic security code to authorise every transaction.

This gives cardholders peace of mind and the freedom to use mobile payments anywhere, knowing that their transaction is safe and secure.

Indue’s Mobile Wallet Solution Include

Inude enrolment, config and set up


We’ll configure your cards for enrolment in the OEM Mobile Wallet solution.
Indue provisioning


We handle the provisioning request for the OEM Mobile Wallet, by providing for user authentication and managing notifications on your behalf.
IndueLifecycle mment


We manage the automatic life cycle of tokens on your behalf.
Indue Transaction and fraud monitor


For customers who choose to take up Indue Card Fraud Management, we monitor for unusual and illegal card activity through our Orion Financial Crimes solution.
Indue chargebacks


We manage disputes and chargebacks based on your current operational processes.
Indue reporting


We provide detailed data feeds so you can keep track of your activity.

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