Industry Representation and Partners

Indue is actively engaged with industry through a range of influential management committees and highly relevant working groups. Our ongoing participation ensures we have a ‘seat at the table’ of decision-making forums and play an active role in shaping the future of the payments system.

We are also mindful of our clients’ interests and actively advocate on their behalf in our representations to industry. Our extensive industry involvement includes the following formal appointments:


eftpos Payments Australia Limited
ATM Access Australia Limited
AusPayNet Credit Union Members Group


BPAY Fraud Sub-Committee
BPAY Management Committee
BPAY Marketing Sub-Committee
Osko Product Advisory Group
Osko Communications Sub-Group


Cyber Security Sub-Committee
Fraud in Banking Forum
Australian Payments Community
BECS Management Committee (MC2) – Observer only
Card not Present Fraud Working Group
Digital Identity Working Group
Open Loop Contactless for Transport for NSW


Visa Client Operations Committee (VCOM)
Visa Risk Executive Council
Operational Support Client Forum (OSCF)
Visa Connect


Disputes and Chargebacks Reference Group
eftpos Member Advisory Council
Member Release Forum
Technology Steering Group
Digital Acceptance Reference Group
Member Release Forum – technical change walkthorugh


Austrac Analytics Focussed on CTF/AML & Sanctions Working Group
Australasian Card and Risk Council
Risk Tools User Group


Operating Committee
Security & Standards Subcommittee
Change management Subcommittee
Rules Subcommittee
Fraud Advisory Committee
NPPA Incident Response Group
Operational Forum

Major Partners

Indue partners with Fiserv for card switching and processing.
Indue Industry Visa Logo

Indue is a principal member of Visa and licensed to issue all Visa card products including credit, debit, prepaid, commercial and premium cards.

Indue is a member of eftpos and licensed to issue eftpos card products. These cards may be used in ATMs and eftpos terminals throughout the domestic Australian eftpos network.
Indue Industry Placard Logo

We have partnered with Placard for the manufacturing and personalisation of all card products.
Indue Industry Computershare Logo

Our statements and mail house services are provided by Computershare.
Indue Industry Westpac Logo

Westpac provides clearing and settlement facilities to Indue as well as cheque reading services.
Indue Industry BPAY Logo

Indue is a member of BPAY allowing us to offer both payer and biller facilities to our clients.
Indue Industry NPP Logo

Indue is one of 13 founding members of the New Payments Platform.