The Indue Difference

Attitude, experience, and stability are at the core of what makes us a great company to work with. This is the Indue difference.

1. We explore what’s possible.

If you’re looking for a better way to serve your customers, or an enabler to bring a great idea to life, we can help you push the boundaries of what’s possible, inside the boundaries of compliance, to deliver on your business goals.

2. We are stable and safe.

Our stable, secure and compliant product-set has been tested over the years, and is continuously improved to face new threats within the industry – providing maximum security for your business and customers.

3. We’re the payments experts.

With more than 50 years’ experience in payments, we’re a proven provider of comprehensive banking payment services for credit unions, mutuals and other financial institutions. We’ve been issuing cards since 1992 and providing financial crimes services since 2003.

4. We take a client-first approach.

We’re all about partnerships and an unwavering commitment to success that means we do not fail. We take a client-first approach to provide solutions and services that complement our clients’ capabilities, and helps them support their customers.

5. We offer flexible and comprehensive solutions.

Whether you need mobile payments, pre-paid cards, or credit or debit card schemes, we can provide scheme sponsorship, settlements, dispute resolution and reconciliation, wrapped up in a robust compliance framework.

6. We’ve created a people-led culture.

We’re all about people working together for great results. This runs our strategic decisions – from the clients we help, to creating a happy and rewarding workplace culture

7. We have multi-sector experience.

We offer tailored solutions for all types of public and private organisations: from small startups to large government agencies, banks, mutuals and credit unions, fintechs, church funds, mortgage providers, and major retailers.

8. We are a single-vendor solution.

We offer a full end-to-end solution for all your payments needs, without the need to engage other vendors. This makes it simple to implement and manage your payments programs, without compromising on capability.

9. We have a legacy of success.

Over the past five decades, we’ve developed a strong reputation for delivering the solutions our clients need – evolving from a small provider of back-office services to credit unions, to a market leader that delivers complex, end-to-end payment solutions to large commercial, not-for-profit and government clients.

10. We’re your partner in compliance.

We’re an authorised deposit taking authority (ADI) regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), and offer our clients and card issuers added security through rigorous compliance, governance, program oversight and fraud protection.

How we can help?

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